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I'm an artist living and loving life in Washington State, creating paintings inspired by my surroundings- misty forests, black granite mountains, and dreary skies. The mysteries hiding within dark pine woods have haunted my dreams for as long as I can remember, and inspire the mood and imagery of my work. I also owe a lot of inspiration to the friends who have invited me into their DnD family, sharing their unending imaginations with me, and giving me a place to un-apologetically obsess over elves, knights in armor, and all the fantasy tropes. 

When I'm not putting my inner world onto a canvas, I can be found hiking through the places I love so much, filling my phone with photos of moss and green sprouts, or growing all the food I can in the backyard with my family. 

Work has included many years of private commissions, and two collaborative book projects currently in progress. I hope to expand my collaborations outward and share the love of fantasy art with others. Thank you for looking. 


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